The World as I see it

My name is Eric, I believe that the best things in life are outside.

I'm also a bit obsessed with mountains, anyone wanna climb a 14er?

Someone hiked this chair up the trail and left it for everyone to enjoy the view from this spot.

Thanks stranger

Advice: take a little time to watch this beautiful short film. 

Gorgeous ode to the spirit of exploration in the wild places of the Canadian Rockies 

Chris Davenport and crew on the project to ski the Centennial Peaks (the 100 highest peaks in Colorado). Badass project that will be finished this season

Anton Krupicka’s attempt on Nolan’s 14 (all 14 Fourteeners in the Sawatch Range of Colorado in under 60 hours)

Krupicka is a badass, and really the only word to describe this challenge is “ambitious”.¬†

Early sun

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