The World as I see it

My name is Eric, I believe that the best things in life are outside.

I'm also a bit obsessed with mountains, anyone wanna climb a 14er?


Wildflowers of the West

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If there is one thing I would preach it would be that sometimes it is not enough to just sit and admire natureā€¦ To truly appreciate it you have to be a participant.. Embracing it head on at times.

People told us it was too cold.. We just figured the sun was out so we had no excuse.. The water was too inviting. Yesterday at Moraine lake @travelalberta
@namkcaps @christianadamimaging @yeticoolers (at Moraine Lake, alberta Canada)

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I highly suggest giving this a few minutes of your time.

Milk Carton Kids- “New York”


Strbske Pleso, Tatra moutnains, Slovakia (by Tatra Photography)

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Morning Views From the Tent, inspirational travel series

Created by photographer Oleg Grigoryev

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Hiking at Fern Gully, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

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