The World as I see it

My name is Eric, I believe that the best things in life are outside.

I'm also a bit obsessed with mountains, anyone wanna climb a 14er?

Please give me new music to listen to, or books to read, I have become immobile for the next month or so and I’m succumbing to boredom quickly 


Las Viescas (by rogalonso)

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Thank you for breaking my heart; now I know it’s in there.

— Ben Folds

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Another day, another lake. Hammock chilling in Grand Teton National Park by Phelps Lake. Photo by mountmoran.

Submission for 4,000 follower contest.

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Light on Brotherswater, Kirkstone Pass, Lake District, England by milo42

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Maroon Bells, Colorado | Matthew Eaton

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The view from one of the hotels we stayed at. This is giving me feels

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